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Design and Print Process
Having proper design work is an essential part of marketing your business. 
Tax Marketing Services will give your business more than enough tools to promote your tax business.
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Print Marketing Design
80% of people said that they liked reading something on paper, as opposed to a screen. In other words, traditional print marketing is still a great option if you are looking to make an impact with new and returning clients. Here, we offer a wide selection of print marketing tools such as banners, business cards, posters, postcards, door hangers, flags, lawn signs, and coupons.
Introduce your business with
Social Media Branding
Having a consistent design among your social media platforms is a key part of branding your tax business. Therefore, we are always ready to design matching banner graphics for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Thus, your clients will be able to remember your company no matter what social platform they use!
Modernize your posts through
Social Media Graphics
Additionally, posting quality content on your social media profiles is a great way to get your customers active online. So, our team can supply you with visual content to post on your social media profiles that matches your company’s branding. These posts can include quotes, specials, discounts, and other content specific to your company!
Make your designs physical with
Collateral Printing
Designs made for your tax business does not have to stay within the digital space. Tax Marketing Services provides printing services through various partners to get you the most affordable prices. Print a wide variety or products such as business cards, postcards, banners, flags, posters, door hangers, and more. It is always a good idea to have more than one type of strategic marketing. So, combining online marketing with traditional print marketing is the best solution.
Looking for Custom Design Services?
Print and Design Packages & Pricing
Branded Print Templates
  •  Gain access to tax marketing templates as collateral for consistent branding
  •  Get your templates customized by designers to advertise your tax business for an additional charge
  •  Includes 50+ templates of banners, business cards, coupons, door hangers, flags, lawn signs, postcards, and poster templates
  •  Printing not included
  •  10% off first order with partner company MGEMS Graphics & Printing LLC
Social Media Branding
Starting at
  •  Set up your social media accounts with consistent branding
  •  Keep your branding modern and updated 
  •  Includes profile pictures, cover photos, and banners for social media profiles
  •  Graphics are done specifically to target the right audience
Social Media Graphics
Starting at
*One-Time Setup Fee not included.
  •  Get access to social media graphics to use as collateral for your social media accounts
  •  Social media graphics will be customized depending on current events and relevant news in the tax industry
  •  Graphics will be made to optimize reach and impressions that will lead back to your tax business
Full Print & Design Service
Starting at
*One-Time Setup Fee not included.
  •  Gain access to tax marketing templates as collateral that can be customized
  •  Social media accounts will be appropriately branded so your tax business can be easily recognized
  •  Choose from a variety of social media graphics to post online
  •  Receive 20% off printing services for the duration of the subscription
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